MT Ringtread RTE-M

This Marathon tire (MT) has the Marangoni Ringtread RTE-M with a pattern for trailer and semi-trailer axles on vehicles operating over medium and long distances.

TYRE POSITION: Free rolling
SEASON: All-season

SIZE(S): 385/65 R22.5

Specific tread for super single tires of vehicles used on medium and long hauls and regional roads in particular. The linear design has four wide and deep grooves that ensure good directional stability and heat dispersion. There are also wide and continuous square shoulders to improve resistance against side and transversal chafing, plus a zig-zag profile of the grooves with central transverse siping to increase road grip. These tyres are mounted on the most stressed axles of trailers and semi-trailers of large vehicles. They are also used in particularly demanding high-speed conditions. Thanks to the reduced resistance and overheating resistance, the tire is suitable for situations in which mileage and uniform wear are important factors.